Hair dye and its use

Hair dye and its use

The History of Ginger Hair Color


Gentlemen prefer blondes, but they marry brunettes, goes the saying. That may well be because there are more brunettes around to get married, but brown hair colors have a charm of their own. Tests have shown people tend to think brunettes are more intelligent than “Dizzy” blondes, calm in a crisis, mature and sophisticated.

Brown hair colors can range from light ash – “dishwater blonde” – through to darkest browns and blacks. Brown hair colors may accompany all sorts of complexions and all colors of eyes from lightest brightest blue to dark chocolate brown. The hair may have a reddish tone or an ash tone, with no red at all.

Brown hair colors may not be as glamorous as the blonde, but they do have their advantages. Dark hair does not show poor condition as readily as light hair, yet conversely, it will glow with radiance if it is in good condition. Dyed brown hair is also very easy to maintain, as the root re-growth will not be too conspicuous unless the natural hair color is bright.

A huge range of brown hair colors is available in the hair salon or at the drugstore for home dyeing, and brown is the easiest color to apply yourself.

Brown hair colors may be cold or warm with reddish or golden tones. Brown hair colors are popular with older women who dye their hair to hide gray or white, as it will cover the lighter hairs easily and look natural.

Choosing and Applying your Brown Hair Colors


Brown hair colors can be home made, with sage tea, coffee, walnut shells and some mixes of henna being natural tints that will turn the hair brown without harming its condition with harsh chemicals. However, these methods are time consuming and messy, and the result is not guaranteed.

One home remedy for brown hair colors that can be used at home is a little vinegar added to the last rinsing water after shampooing. This will give your hair a fabulous shine, as well as discouraging oiliness, and will not cause your hair to smell of vinegar. Choose cider vinegar for the very best shine.

Like any other tint, brown hair colors should be tested on a small piece of your hair before you commit to coloring the whole head, in case it does not turn out quite how you want, or your skin turns out to be sensitive to the chemicals in the dye. Better safe than sorry!

Whether you choose a permanent or semi-permanent color, the result will depend on your hair’s natural color, condition, and the length of time you leave the cream on. Always protect your hands with gloves, as brown hair colors will dye your hands and fingernails, and try to protect your neck with an old towel. After using the dye, rinse the hair thoroughly and treat with conditioner – most packs of the home dye include a tube of this.